Do you like our shortcodes? Take them with you to other WordPress theme through our brand new shortcode plugin – Shortcodes4all. This plugin is released under the the GNU Public License 3.0. and it is FREE. To show you that our shortcodes really work with all themes our demo is based on basic WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen. Shortcodes4all plugin can be download from Members Area.

What shortcodes we prepare for you?

What is shortcode?

Shortcodes are simple commands written directly to the post or page text area. They are enclosed in square brackets – [shortcode]text[/shortcode] – and can have one or more parameters. We have prepared them to make your life easier. You can easily create buttons, warning boxes, columns, etc. using shortcodes. Let me show you some examples in our FAQ, because that is the simplest way to get familiar with them.

How do I set a shortcode?

Please visit our FAQ.

Column Shortcodes
Content Box Shortcodes
Boxes Shortcodes
Buttons Shortcodes
Toggle content
Tooltip text
Author information
Custom list
Login form
Price tables

Where do I download Shortcodes4all?

You can download this plugin freely from Members Area.

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